Case Studies

This section contains case studies that can be built into a variety of lessons. You can download them and use them as they are or adapt them for your own use.

Case Study

Nicaragua Case Studies


Location: Matagalpa

Social Justice Issues: Child Labour, Rights of Working Children, Fair Trade

Social Justice SEF Concepts: Human Rights and Responsibilities, Inequality and Poverty, Interdependence and Globalisation

1. Child coffee plantation workers researching workers' rights on the plantation

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2. Children and Young People campaigning for a local council agenda for children and youth


3. Nicaragua's indigenous children defending their right to play


4. Children and young people using street theatre to raise awareness and help prevent family violence


5. From Garbage to human dignity


6. Rights of the Child


7. Alcohol and Abuse


8. Young people organise to stop illegal logging and prevent the environmental damage caused by deforestation



ghana case study

Location: Talensi-Nabdam, Ghana

Social Justice Issues:

Social Justice ESF concepts:

1. Ghana background

2. Nasing Yire of Kongo

3. Kpariboga Yire of Kongo

4. Child Labour in Gold Mining

5. National Health insurance scheme

6. School Enrolment of Pupils in the Talensi-Nabdam district of the Upper East region of Ghana

7. School Feeding Programme

8. Library Project


Cape Verde

Cape Verde

Location: Cape Verde

Social Justice Issues: Education

Social Justice ESF concepts: Education

1. Education is the best Treasure

2. Make a comeback, take initiative, be an example

3. Never give up

4. Cape Verde: A Success Story in Africa

5. The sea is how we survive

6. Shall I migrate?



Location: Nigeria

Social Justice Issues:

Social Justice ESF concepts:

Oil in the Niger Delta

Case study Niger delta


Location: Bulgaria

The Roma People

Case study Niger delta

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